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Can I use my electronic devices on board?

On Volotea, you can use the following electronic devices on board during any phase of the flight (take-off, flight and landing), provided that “flight mode” is activated:

* Cellular telephones 
* Electronic tablets
* E-readers 
* MP3 players
* Non-professional photo/video cameras (Permission to use these devices does not include permission to photograph or film members of the cabin crew or any part of the aircraft)
* Headphones or earphones
* Small portable games consoles

Bear in mind that while the cabin crew are giving the safety briefing, you will not able to use headphones or earphones and must pay attention to their instructions. In the case of seats located next to the emergency exits, nor will you be able to use them during take-off or landing.

Large electronic devices may only be used during boarding and cruising (provided that they are in “flight mode”), and must be stowed from the moment before take-off, during take-off and landing:

* Laptop computers
* Notebooks
* Small DVD players

All Bluetooth devices such as electronic wireless headphones, keyboard or mouse must remain switched off during all phases of the flight.

For security reasons, the captain or cabin crew may request that you temporarily switch off your electronic devices. In this event, you must follow their instructions.

Electronic devices that are carried in checked luggage must be switched off and suitably protected at all times to avoid becoming accidentally activated or damaged.

If you require more information, please consult section 13.2 of our Conditions of Carriage or ask a member of the cabin crew.

*In the wake of recent incidents reported by Samsung regarding its Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones, and on the recommendation of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), if you are traveling with this model of mobile phone, we ask that you:
- Do not use it on board. The phone should remain off at all times.
- Do not charge it on board. It cannot be connected to any power source (you cannot connect it to an auxiliary battery or power source on board).
- Do not place it in your checked luggage.
- Notify crew members on board if the device is damaged, becomes hot, emits smoke, is lost, gets stuck between the seats, or falls on the ground.

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